Location & Policies

Carefully look at the map and follow the blue numbers. Read all the information on this page.


Map Guidelines for Parking

Dead end parking lot. No outlet.

Fern Ave: second driveway to back parking lot.

Elm Ave: first driveway to back parking lot.


707 W Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA 93534


Plan to Arrive Early

Be on time to your appointment.

Text if you are in the Front or Back

Let your artist/specialist know if you are in the front or in the back when you arrive.

Back Door Locked

There is a front door and a back door. The back door will always be locked.

Best to Park in the Back

It’s best to park in the back to avoid delays, traffic, and limited parking space in the front (the BLVD).

Silence Your Phone

Please silence your phone prior to your service.

Gum Chewing NOT Allowed

Gum chewing is not allowed during your service.